Working Hours, Holidays, Breaks

Basic scheduling settings can be set up for the whole company and then customized for each staff member.

Company Settings

In Settings > Business Hours, set up the default opening and closing hours for each day of the week.

Note that business hours will be used as visible hours in Calendar for all staff members if you enable "Show only business hours in the calendar" in Settings > Calendar.

In Settings > Holidays, block the days of the year when you're closed. The holidays can be recurring.

*These settings will be used as defaults for all new staff members you create from that point on, but won't affect existing staff's schedules.

Staff Settings

Each new staff member created will by default have the same holidays and working hours as determined in company-wide settings.

Customize that on their pages in Staff Members > [staff member] > :

  • > Schedule, for working hours and breaks at each day of the week;
  • > Days Off, for non-working days that differ from the company holidays.



Special Days (Add-on) – creates non-recurring days with working hours that are different from the weekly settings you've done for the staff member.

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