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How can I change text color in Bookly booking form?

To change the booking form text color, add this CSS in Bookly > Appearance > Edit custom CSS:

.bookly-form {
    color: green !important;

.bookly-form-group > label, .bookly-label-error, .bookly-progress-tracker > .active, .bookly-form .picker__nav--next, .bookly-form .pickadate__nav--prev, .bookly-form .picker__day:hover, .bookly-form .picker__day--selected:hover, .bookly-form .picker--opened .picker__day--selected, .bookly-form .picker__button--clear, .bookly-form .picker__button--today, .bookly-columnizer .bookly-hour span.bookly-waiting-list {
    color: green !important;


In this example, the font color will be changed to green, but you can select the one you wish or specify your color in 16-bit format.

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  • Avatar
    Alex Varnals

    Is it possible to change the colour of the drop-down menu selectors text? The grey text on the grey box is a little hard to read on low-resolution mobiles without the screen brightness turned up high?

  • Avatar
    Dean Schulz

    Wondering the exact same thing as Alex.

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