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Cart Add-on

Bookly Cart Add-on allows your clients to book several appointments per session by placing them in a cart.

The new "Book More" button will be added to the summary step of the booking process. A click on this button will take the user back to the 1st step while retaining the current booking in the cart.


The admin area will treat these appointments separately. However, the Appointments list and Payments list will have a cart icon near each appointment that was booked as part of a cart.

At the moment, Cart cannot be enabled together with the WooCommerce online payment integration.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate Cart add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Cart. Check properties of the appointment that you want to display in a cart summary right before the booking confirmation:

  • Service
  • Date
  • Time
  • Employee
  • Price

Uncheck the box to hide the selected column.

You can change the order they go in, too – by dragging the sandwich icons.

3. To add a Cart step to your booking form, go to Appearance in Bookly menu and check the box next to the 'Show Cart step' option.

4. If you want to send a single Email/SMS notification for the entire booking (for all cart purchases), rather than a separate notification for every appointment booked, go to Bookly menu > Settings > Customers and enable Combined notifications. After this, you’ll see templates for combined notifications in the notifications area.


Bookly Cart add-on is available for purchase here.


Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Cart works.


If you wish you can join a community of translators who help us in Bookly localization. Join translation of Bookly and help us become closer and speak with you in your native language. Read more here.



Chain Appointments Add-on – for separate back-to-back appointments (different services, different providers).

Multiply Appointments Add-on – for separate identical back-to-back appointments (customer sets the number of appointments).

Personalized Active Bookings List Online – help clients manage their multiple appointments to reduce no-show.


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  • Avatar

    Would be great if your Add-On to Book More and Book for Group integrated in a way where one person can book for multiple parcipants and offer the ability to add details for the extra participants like name email, tel ... by using additional custom fields.
    and give ability to send email confirmation to additional parties bought if needed.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Cyphas, this looks like a feature we haven’t implemented yet. However, we’re constantly working on improvements and value all feedback. That’s why I’ve created a new record on our Feature Request forum:

    The forum is where we track requests for new capabilities, and our product development depends directly on the number of votes each request receives. That’s why we encourage you to vote for your request (link above).

  • Avatar
    Ilya Krylov

    Hi, i've discovered following problem with cart: if customer to try book a service above his Limit appointments per customer (can be set in service settings), it is possible to put those number of services into cart, and to press BOOK button, but then there is an error message "You use the booking form too often. Please contact us to place an order." but no possiblility to go back to cart and correct booking at least. The best solution would be not to allow to put into cart more services as allowed in settings.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Ilya, thanks for your feedback! Currently, this is how this functionality works, in case the customer has reached the max limit of the booked appointments.

    Edited by Support Team
  • Avatar
    Pylon Design

    I appear to have Cart functionality without the add-on plugin - is that possible?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, yes, if the you license contains this functionality then you will have it without the add-on. Though, new licenses no longer have the cart functionality in the main plugin.

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