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All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

With this add-on, you can offer package deals for your client's favourite services. In addition, you can add a package discount and set a validity period for services booked in package form.

Get the Bookly Packages (Add-on) here.

How it works

Do your clients keep coming back for the same service? Why not offer them a package deal? They'll love the convenience package deals provide. The optional discount is great for increasing sales of a particular service.

A staff member or administrator creates a new package via the backend and optionally books the first appointment for a customer, but the rest of the package services can be scheduled by the customer via the customer's user account on your site. As long as they're booked within the validity period you set.

Are you launching a new service? You can offer package deals at a discount as a launch special. This will help your new service to gain exposure and help you to increase sales. All while offering your clients convenience.


At this time, the default Bookly booking form doesn’t support booking of packages by your customers on the front-end. However, the new Bookly modern booking forms are fully compatible with the packages feature – your clients can book the package of services like standard services. See how it works on our free live demo.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate the Bookly Packages (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. In the Services section, click on the Add service button, choose the type – Package. Enter the title and click Create service.

Services section in Bookly

3. To open and configure the created service click Edit on the right. Each package service is created on the basis of a simple service. Packages cannot be created from compound or collaborative type of services.

If you enable the Unassigned option, your package will be available for booking with no service provider selected. Later, customers can choose a service provider for unassigned packages in their user account.

Edit service in Bookly

Package services are marked with a relevant icon in the list of services.

Services section in Bookly

4. To add a package of services, go to the Packages section. Click on the New package button and fill out the necessary details.

Packages section in Bookly

New package in Bookly

5. Once created, you'll be able to schedule appointments in a package. Click on the Schedule button on the right. Select the date and time and click the checkmark to confirm. Click Save.

Package schedule in Bookly

All the instances of services in a package can be managed on the customer's user account.

Add [bookly-packages-list] shortcode to a webpage.

Add packages list to a webpage

Add packages list to a webpage – Gutenberg editor

After a customer is logged in to the page where you added [bookly-packages-list], they'll see a list of purchased packages with expiration date, details, and the ability to schedule appointments.

Page with Bookly packages list

Page with Bookly packages list

Read here how to automatically create WP user accounts for clients and send their credentials in email or SMS notifications.

How packages appear in Bookly Calendar

All appointments that belong to a package appear in the Calendar with the appropriate icon.

Bookly Calendar – package appointment

Click on the appointment to open the Edit appointment window where you can make changes.

Bookly Calendar – appointment details

How to book a package via front-end booking form

Bookly Packages (Add-on) is compatible with the new Bookly booking forms (Search, Services, and Staff forms), so your customers can book packages via the online booking form.

Packages will be displayed on cards along with other regular services.

Package creation in the Bookly booking form

Package creation in the Bookly booking form

Package creation in the Bookly booking form

You can adjust the card content or disable this option from the Appearance section > your type of the booking form > Calendar tab > Display packages.

Appearance section in Bookly

Email/SMS notifications about purchased package

With the Bookly Packages (Add-on), you'll have new notification templates in the Email/SMS Notifications sections relevant to the purchased package. They can be sent to your customer and staff using the following codes in your email body:



Bookly Packages (Add-on) is not compatible with the Bookly Custom Duration (Add-on) and Bookly Group Booking (Add-on). Package deals are only available to single bookings.

Try this demo (backend version) to get a better understanding of how the Packages (Add-on) works.

Check this demo (frontend version) to see how packages can be booked via Bookly search form.




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