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Packages Add-on

With this add-on, you can offer package deals for your client’s favourite services. You can add a discount on packages and set a validity period for services booked in package form.

Get the Packages add-on here.

How it works

Do your clients keep coming back for the same service? Why not offer them a package deal? They’ll love the convenience package deals offer. The optional discount is great for increasing sales of a particular service.

Your client will have to book their first appointment right away. But the rest of the package services can be booked later. As long as they’re booked within the set validity period.

Are you launching a new service? You can offer package deals at a discount as a launch special. This will help your new service to gain exposure and help you to increase sales. All while offering your clients convenience.

Please note that the current version of the Bookly Packages Add-on doesn’t support group bookings. And packages can only be set up in the back-end for now. Customers cannot book these from the front-end – yet. The next release will also include the feature of managing all the instances of services in a package on customer’s user account.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Bookly menu > Services. Click on Add Service, choose the type – Package, and fill out the rest of the details. Each package is created on the basis of a service.

If you enable Unassigned option, your package will be available for booking with no service provider selected. Later on, customers will be able to select a service provider for unassigned packages in their user account.


3. To add a package of services, go to Bookly menu > Packages. Click on New package button and fill out the necessary details.



4. To schedule appointments in a package, go to Bookly menu > Packages. Click on the Package schedule button. Select an appropriate date and time and click the checkmark to confirm your choice.


All the instances of services in a package can be managed on the customer’s user account.

Give them this option by adding [bookly-packages-list] shortcode to your webpage.


After a customer is logged in, they’ll see a list of purchased packages with expiration date, details, and ability to schedule appointments.

How packages appear in Bookly Calendar

All appointments that belong to a package appear in the Calendar with the appropriate icon. Clicking on the appointment will result in the Edit appointment window where you’ll be able to make changes.




Important: At this time, Bookly doesn’t support booking of packages by your customers on the front-end. This feature will be available in one of our future releases (with add-on price increase). You can create, add and schedule a package of services in Bookly admin panel.

Bookly Packages add-on is not compatible with Bookly Custom Duration add-on.


Try this demo (backend version) to get a better understanding of how the Packages Add-on works.


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  • Avatar
    daniel no

    Do you have a timeline when the front-end customer booking with the package will be available approximately?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Daniel, currently, we don’t have an ETA for this functionality, it will be probably added in future releases.

  • Avatar

    Do I understand correctly? The customer can buy a package of services, but can't schedule the services they purchased?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, there's no option to sell packages, which means that customers can't purchase them. Though, you can assign manually packages to customers in the back-end, and in case customers have WP user accounts, they will be able to book appointments for the assigned package.

  • Avatar


    Any update on the front end functionality? I was so excited for this feature for my clients but they will all need the front end working for their business workflows.


  • Avatar
    Marc Croteau

    Probably would have mad a whole lot more sense to wait until the functionality for customers to book their own packages before this add on was even released. This is kind of silly.

  • Avatar

    I woudnt bother waiting. When I first mention this to the team back in the summer on 2017, I was told it was coming.
    Have heard nothing since then apart form the usual: "not currently supported".

    I agree this plugin is pretty pointless at the moment, but I think the team has given up on this given the low number of sales. I would look elsewhere

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