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Chain Appointments Add-on

The add-on works very much like Cart, with the only difference that it looks for a time slot that can accommodate all services chosen by customer (vs several independent time slots for each service with Cart).

At the first step of the booking process, the customer can press the ‘+’ button (added with the add-on installed) and pick multiple services.


They are then offered time slots when all services can be provided sequentially during a single visit with employees chosen at the first step of booking.


Purchase the add-on here, install it, and enable it from the new Chain Appointments tab in Bookly Settings. That simple.

The calendar and appointment list will show bookings as separate appointments (with a note that the appointment was created as part of a bundle booking), but the payment list will bundle chain appointments as they were paid for as a package in one transaction.


Get your Chain Appointments add-on here.

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Chain Appointments Add-on works.

If you wish you can join a community of translators who help us in Bookly localization. Join translation of Bookly Chain Appointments Add-on and help us become closer and speak with you in your native language.



Cart - book multiple different appointments for several independent visits.

Multiply Appointments Add-on - for separate identical back-to-back appointments (customer sets the number of appointments)



Custom Fields - ask for more personal info during booking.

Keep Track of Appointments


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    Heliot PERROQUIN


    When this add-on will be available for purchasing?


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    Jo-Lynn Jansen


    I also would like to know when this will be available for purchase? The information above would indicate I could buy it now but I cannot find it on CodeCanyon... will this allow booking services that can be done within a longer appointment and not require additional time? Example: customer books a facial and there is a 15 minute period when they are resting with a mask on their face. A spot removal procedure could be done during that 15 minute period and not take up any additional booking time.

    Or can that be done with the new ServiceAdd add on by using 0 minute for required time? If 0 minutes can be set, that would solve my issue, actually...


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  • Avatar
    Todd Dye

    Love the Bookly Plugin!

    I have a service that is essentially a package of sessions. As the customer buys the service they would need the option to scheduled 3 sessions in the calendar. Will the Chain Appointments work in this fashion? Thanks So Much!

  • Avatar
    Sander Datema

    It seems the price if $12 is no longer valid. It's for $20 on Codecanyon now.

  • Avatar

    An issue with this plugin is if I buy 3 services from the same person it lists them all in the confirmation instead of just saying '3 x services with Staff Member' it says you have booked 'service,service,service with Staff Member, Staff Member, Staff Member' bit stupid

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