Compound Services Add-on


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

With the Bookly Compound Services (Add-on), you can combine existing services with spare time, creating separate complex services that clients can easily book just like any regular appointment.

Services section in Bookly PRO

These compound services seamlessly integrate into your booking form's Services dropdown menu.

Clients simply select a date and time from the provided list of available slots, calculated by the Bookly system to accommodate all segments of the appointment consecutively.

Bookly booking form – frontend

Within a compound appointment, each service segment can be assigned to individual service providers, ensuring that each part of the service is handled by the appropriate staff member.

When clients book a compound service, your Bookly Calendar and Appointments section display separate appointments for each service involved. Clicking on an appointment reveals whether it's part of a compound service.

Edit appointment window in Bookly

Edit appointment window – compound service details

On the front-end booking interface, clients cannot select staff members for each service segment. The system automatically handles staff assignment, allowing clients to choose a staff member only for the first service segment.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate Bookly Compound Services (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. Navigate to the Services section and click on the Add service button.

Choose Compound and enter the title for the new compound service. Click Create service to proceed.

Services section in Bookly PRO

3. In the Edit service window, choose the services you want to include in the compound service from this list.

Additionally, you can include spare time if necessary. Bookly will consider waiting times between appointments as free time slots for other bookings.

Service card in Bookly

4. You can choose whether several appointments in a compound service can be performed by one staff member. If enabled, and the customer selects a staff member on the first step of the booking form, Bookly will use only this staff to search available slots for all sub-services.

Service card in Bookly

If you'd like to use a service only as part of a complex appointment (compound service), you can make it unavailable for direct booking by setting its visibility to private.

The booking of compound services is only available through the front-end booking form. Administrators cannot create appointments with compound services in the backend. However, they can manually add each appointment as part of the compound service.


Currently, it's not possible to include simple services with a duration of more than 1 day or less than 1 day together as part of a compound service. Such compound services won't be available for booking via the front end.


Bookly Compound Services (Add-on) is not compatible with the Bookly Custom Duration (Add-on).

For a better understanding of how the Compound Services (Add-on) works, you can try our free live demo.

You can also watch this video tutorial for a quick setup of the plugin.



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