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All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Bookly Collaborative services (Add-on) allows you to create services that require simultaneous participation of several staff members, or staff member and shared resources necessary for the service delivery. This way, your customers can book appointments with two or more staff members working together. Also, you can create and manage various shared resources (like rooms, tables, equipment, specific tools, devices, and items) and avoid double bookings of them if the resource is already in use.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate Bookly Collaborative Services (Add-on) in Plugins.

2. To create a collaborative service, go to Services section in Bookly menu, click add-service-btn.png and select Collaborative. Enter the title and click Create service.


3. To open and configure the created collaborative service click edit-service-btn.png on the right.

At the bottom of the service card, you’ll see a drop-down menu which allows you to add as many simple services and resources (see below how to create resources and add them to your collaborative services) into one common appointment as you wish.


Note that collaborative service consists of two or more simple services performed at the same time. You should set up simple services before creating a collaborative service. You can set services' Visibility to Private in case you don’t want to let your customers book those services separately.

4. In Settings > Collaborative services, you can enable or disable the staff member selection by your customers in a booking form.


Equal duration

Each simple service which is a part of collaborative service has its duration. If you enable the Equal duration setting, then the length of every service will be equal to the duration of the longest one. This is helpful when you use a resource as a part of collaborative service – the resource will be booked for as long as it is required to perform the whole appointment. If disabled, each simple service within one collaborative service will be reserved for the duration determined in service settings.

How to create a resource and use it in a collaborative service

Sometimes, to perform an appointment, your staff members require specific resources, like meeting rooms, massage tables, medical devices, and other equipment. Bookly allows you to create and use these resources in any relevant collaborative services so that to make sure that a resource is not double booked if it’s already in use.

1. We recommend creating a specific category in the Staff Members section. Click categories-btn.png > add-category-btn.png. Add items in there that are going to be used by your employees as service resources.


2. In the Services section, create a relevant service and assign a resource to it (like you usually do when assigning a regular staff member to a regular service). One resource can be assigned to as many services as you wish.

For better resource management, you can create separate categories for all simple services which you are going to use in collaborative services. You can then hide the Category field when you publish the booking form on your website.

Collaborative services are marked with a relevant icon in the list of services.


3. While building a collaborative service, select all necessary resources from the Add simple service drop-down alongside with regular services.

When your client books the collaborative service, your Bookly Calendar and Appointments section will display separate appointments per each service involved in one booking.



Click on the appointment to see if it’s booked as a part of a collaborative service.


Click on the indicator to see the list of services which collaborative service consists of.


If your collaborative service consists of two or more services assigned to multiple staff members, your customers are not able to choose staff members for each part of the collaborative service. The system displays and allows choosing an employee only for the first service (if Do not allow to select a specific staff member option disabled in Settings > Collaborative) within the complex appointment, other employees are assigned automatically.

How to schedule one appointment for several employees

It's possible to let your clients set up a booking with multiple employees at the same time.

1. Create one simple service and assign it to all staff members.
2. Create a new service of Collaborative type and add existing simple service as many times as how many employees should be involved in that booking.

So if your collaborative service consists of 2 simple services, then 2 of your staff members will be booked for such appointments. If you add 3 simple services into this kind of service, then 3 of your employees will be booked for such appointments at the same time.

A client will receive a single notification for the booked service. Your staff members will receive notifications per each booked appointment.

Collaborative services can be booked only via front-end. Administrator cannot create appointments with collaborative services in the backend, but is able to add each appointment as a part of the collaborative service manually.


Currently, it's not possible to use simple services with the length of more than 1 day and less than 1 day together as a part of collaborative service. Such collaborative service won't be bookable via front end.


Bookly Collaborative Services (Add-on) is not compatible with the Bookly Custom Duration (Add-on).

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Collaborative Services (Add-on) works.

Bookly Collaborative Services (Add-on) is available for purchase here.




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