Hello and thanks in advance, 

I have a client requesting me an accomodation plugin for his tennis courts. 

It's a tennis club, and according to that, the members should be able to make a book in the long term. I mean the non-members will be able to book the court for the next 15 days and the members should be able to book for a month. But both members and non-members will be booking the same court. 

Is it possible to do that thing with Bookly or one of their addons?


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    Thank you for your message.

    Bookly is an ultimate online appointment scheduling and service booking solution for almost any business which sells services. I advise you to generate your personal demo version which goes with almost all additional add-ons to see if Bookly Pro suits your needs: https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo-list/

    All add-ons can be activated in Plugins section.

    The maximum service duration is 1 week. However, with the help of Bookly Custom Duration (Add-on): https://codecanyon.net/item/bookly-custom-duration-addon/22060703 your clients can choose the duration for the appointment. 

    If you want to set up Members and Non-Members functionality, I advise you to check our Bookly Customer Groups (Add-on): https://codecanyon.net/item/bookly-customer-groups-addon/21344290

    This add-on allows you to create different customer groups which can be connected to the specific services. You can find the detailed description of the add-on by following this link: https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000201873-Customer-Groups-Add-on 

    Let me know if you have any questions while exploring our demo. 

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    Hello Kate, 

    Thanks for your answer. Maybe I said it wrong. What I need is a non-member to book the service at any free slot for the next 14 days. Not that the appointment will be 14 days long. 

    It's supposed to grant the members to do the bookings before the non-members can. 

    Example: A member will be able today to make a reservation for February 15th. While the non-member will be able to make a reservation MAX for February 9th (2 weeks from now).

    I'll try to create a demo today, because I tried last week and the saandbox mail link didn't worked, just a "0".

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