We offer our services at parks or schools. This renders our actual physical location meaningless.

We need our clients to be able to type the park or school name and have Google Maps autofill the address.

Unfortunately, the Google Maps Addon is very limited, almost useless. 

What other options do we have to address this problem? Your feedback will be much appreciated.


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    Thank you for your message.

    Currently, this is not supported. If this feature is critical for your business, please add a post on our feature request forum: https://ideas.booking-wp-plugin.com/public

    Also, Locations Add-on might be useful for you.

    With this add-on you can manage multiple locations where you provide your services: associate employees with locations, let clients choose locations for their visits, manage appointments for locations separately. For more details about this add-on please follow this link: https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/articles/210229885-Locations-Add-on 



    Best regards,
    Bookly Team




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