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Services Available at Limited Hours (Service Schedule add-on)

Limit the hours within staff’s daily working hours when each service is available - with the Service Schedule add-on, available for purchase here.


The setting is service-specific and interacts with staff’s working hours in such a way that service availability hours and staff working hours overlap, thus creating an interval within each staff member’s day when the service can be provided.


A service’s schedule is set up as one time interval for each day of the week (starting with v1.1), with breaks during the day.




    1. Download and install it as a new plugin on your Wordpress dashboard.

    2. In Services, create custom availability hours for each service.
By leaving a service unchanged, you’ll be keeping it available at all hours that the staff members providing that service are working.


Once the add-on is set up, all new bookings will take into account the special service schedules when offering available time slots to customers.


Get the add-on here.



Special Hours add-on - with this add-on, you can also charge differently at various hours during the day.


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