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I own a gym and would like to use Bookly for members to schedule time slots to work out- kind of like you would book a class, but this is for open gym, since we can only operate at 25% capacity right now. I would also like to open the gym up to non-members, who can workout, but at a higher, price point than members.

Is there a way to charge non-members who schedule on Bookly while giving members the ability to schedule without making a payment for each appointment? Maybe if the members make an account, they can pay up front and freely schedule throughout the month?

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    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for being interested in our products.
    I can suggest several possible options of add-ons you can use with our plugin and achieve the needed features:
    1. Please check our Bookly Customer Groups (Add-on) which allows you to set special discounts and other settings for a group of customers. You can read more information in our documentation here
    2. Use the Bookly Recurring Appointments (Add-on) - Clients can book a series of recurring appointments in one session: choose repetition interval, last date, or the number of recurrences, and a series of time slots will be booked. You can find more detailed information in our documentation here
    3. Please have a look at our Bookly Packages (Add-on)
    You can set discounts on packages to encourage more sales and increase customer loyalty. And you can set a validity period to make sure customers use their package deals. At this time, Bookly doesn’t support booking of packages by your customers on the front-end. You can create, add, and schedule a package of services in Bookly admin panel. Please check our documentation here for more information.
    Also, please note that currently, there is no option to pay the appointments in bulk (i.e. pay for a package or for a set of recurring appointments) - all the payments are made by appointment. You can also use the local payment option and charge the customers at the beginning so that further they can schedule the appointments without a payment option.
    I also suggest testing all the products before buying them. In case you want to check the plugin with all its add-ons on a live website for free, I recommend checking it in the sandbox mode. In order to have access to it, please access this link: https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/demo-list/ and add your email address there and click on the “Configure” button. After that, please follow the rest of the steps that you’ll receive in your mail.
    Feel free to contact us at support@bookly.info in case you have any other questions.

    Bookly Customer Support

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