I'm having trouble getting Bookly to work effectively for my needs. I'm trying to set up the following which seems like it should be easier than it has been.

  • Two registration options for a hockey school
  • One 1-hour morning session for up to 10 students, M-F
  • One 1-hour afternoon session for up to 10 students, M-F
  • Staff is irrelevant, but I've added Coaches because that is the only way to set a schedule
  • Need users to be able to book 1 session, multiple sessions or recurring sessions

I've purchased the Group Booking Addon and have done my best to make it easy for the user but need help with the following.

  • Available booking times based on service, not staff
  • Option to book for one session or multiple / recurring
  • Update language to fit our needs (ie Service -> Session, Employee -> Coach, I'm available on or after -> View availability starting on)

Current version: https://acessportsacademy.com/admissions/

Please let me know if this is possible with the Bookly plugin as it seemed like this would be no problem as I was researching options. Thank you!


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