What is Bookly?

Bookly is the premier solution for online appointment scheduling and service booking, catering to a diverse range of service-based businesses. Since the initial release of our WordPress booking plugin in 2014, Bookly has earned the trust of over 70,000 clients globally, spanning various industries.

Bookly is a WordPress open-source booking plugin with a premium version, Bookly Pro. Besides, we offer dozens of add-ons to enhance Bookly Pro and enable even more advanced service, customer, promotions, and e-commerce features. With its versatile product architecture, Bookly proves to be an exceptionally flexible and comprehensive service booking solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to larger establishments with extensive staff and multiple locations.

  1. Bookly WordPress booking plugin is our core product, available for free on WordPress. While the free version of Bookly has certain limitations, it serves the needs of small businesses or individual entrepreneurs requiring basic appointment scheduling and service booking functionality.
  2. Bookly PRO is our premium add-on, exclusively available through CodeCanyon. By upgrading to Bookly PRO, users gain access to advanced features for customer, service, and staff management, eliminating the limitations present in the free version of the Bookly plugin.
  3. You can enhance Bookly PRO with a variety of add-ons. These extensions offer additional capabilities in payment processing, e-commerce, marketing, promotions, and administrative tasks.
    • Сheck the full list of Bookly items and purchase Bookly add-ons at Codecanyon.
    • Visit our demo page to explore both the frontend and backend versions, providing an in-depth look at how these features work.
    • Take advantage of the Bookly Sandbox to effortlessly create a WordPress-powered website, enabling free testing of Bookly and all associated add-ons.
  4. In addition to the plugin and add-ons, we provide an SMS service that enables efficient communication with your clients. Utilize this service to minimize no-shows, keep clients informed about appointment modifications, deliver marketing materials, and more. Explore details about SMS rates and other Bookly Cloud products for more details.

Bookly empowers you to automate your appointment scheduling processes, streamline employee schedule management, attract more clients, enhance customer experiences, and successfully upsell your services.


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