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Google Calendar sync has stopped working properly after an update. How do I fix it?

Update the URI link in your Google Calendar API settings:

1. in Bookly Settings > Google Calendar, at the bottom of the page, find the Redirect URI link and copy it.

2. go to Google API Console > Credentials > Web Application > Authorized Redirect URIs and paste the URI link you've pulled from Bookly Settings.


You might have done it in the past, and as the URI might change with regular updates of the plugin, you might occasionally need to tell Google API which new URI to authorize.

Doing this will solve the sync issue. If it persists, please let us know at

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    Rune Aspvik

    After I have done this, syncing works again. But the appointments that have been booked in the mean time is not synced. Is there a "Sync all appointments now" function?

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    Hi, please make sure that you disconnected all staff members then connect them back.

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    Martijn Schouten

    Hello, I have the same problem and the syncing is still not working.

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    Hi Martijn, please send us an email to with this inquiry and the purchase code.

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