Next button doesn't work in the booking form

After filling the form fields (employee, service), date, then clicking NEXT – the button starts spinning and nothing happens.


What you can do:
– This can happen if the staff schedule is disabled. Check the staff schedule in the staff member card;
– Make sure that all Bookly add-ons are updated to the last release;
– Check the Bookly database integrity on the Bookly debug page;
– Ask your hosting provider to check if the PHP session is configured correctly;
– Clear the cache of all the caching and optimizing plugins;
– Try to disable all the caching and optimizing plugins and check the booking form again.

If the issue persists, we will need our technical department to look deeper into the causes of this issue and try resolve it as quick as possible. Please create a support ticket using the link below and we will be happy to assist you.

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