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Upgrade from free Bookly to Bookly Pro

If you’ve already got the free version of Bookly installed and would like to upgrade to the full version of the plugin which is available with the Bookly Pro add-on, follow the steps below.

 How to Upgrade

1. Purchase and download the Bookly Pro add-on here.

2. Install it as a new plugin: go to your WordPress dashboard, and in Plugins, click Add New and Upload Plugin. Select the file from the downloaded archive and click Install Now.

3. Click Activate Plugin

4. After successful installation, go to Bookly menu > Settings > Purchase Code and enter your purchase code in the appropriate field to have access to free updates of Bookly Pro. Read here how to find your purchase code.



Google Calendar sync – works with the company calendar and with individual staff’s calendars simultaneously.

Notifications – choose from additional automated and customizable templates that can be sent via email or text messages (SMS, additional charges apply).

Staff Members – now you’ve got an unlimited number of service providers that you can set up. Each of them can have their individual prices for the same services.

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    I had the free version, and just now installed the pro version. There are now 2 plugins active in my dashboard.
    In this article is missing:
    * Should I or should i not delete the free version?
    * A new feature is also PAYMENT... (crucial difference to the free version right) So that should be set up too... right?
    * There must be much more new features , right? Which are they then?
    * I miss explanation about that 1 license can be used 1 time for 1 website.
    * I miss the following: after the purchase , I received TWO zipfiles.. (not only one " so what am I supposed to do with this second zip file ?!! of which the name is : "bookly-responsive-appointment-booking-tool.16.1" ....?

    All in all i find this installation instruction incomplete. Is this because you also sell a package of $20,- for installation?
    Evenso... I guess 80% of the installation is done now by me. I will get to the 100%. But this documentation is not complete.

    Hopefully you will add the missing pieces. THank you very much.
    With kind regards, Judith

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