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Incorrect display of pop-up windows in Customer Cabinet (Add-on) and Staff Cabinet (Add-on).

Sometimes, the WordPress theme can affect the work of the Bookly Customer Cabinet (Add-on) and Bookly Staff Cabinet (Add-on), so the pop-up windows become inaccessible. To solve this issue, add this CSS code here Wordpress admin view > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

 .modal-backdrop {

z-index: auto! important;





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    First I added the CSS code .modal-backdrop { z-index:auto !important; }.
    Note that on this page, the code is incorrectly written. The "!" must be attached to "important" and not to "auto" ».
    Secondly, I changed the page template (Divi) to a "full width" template and this solves the display problem. :-)

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