I have been testing with bookly in the sandbox, but with our requirements, it doesnt seem to be a simple solution. Can any of you advise if and how I can implement the following requirements or should we look for a different solution:

we offer kids events. There are multipple type of events.

during school period, club activities are offered once a week at certain day and times. they can sign up per event or a package for a whole period. one employee does this activity. during holiday period, we have additional events during the day. all events have a min/max capacity. both employees can do these activities

club activities where you can sign up either for 1 activity or a sequence (package) activities are always on a fixed day (tuesday) and time (15:00-17:30) outside the school holiday. 1 employee does this activity

club activities are always at the same area, events can be planned, depending on the material needed, in one or more areas

we would like to see on our website a calendar (linked to google calendar of the company) with available events which they can book, taking into account the different type of services.

a search function for suitable events (eg kids only or parent&kids) would be good. also could a service/event have assigned multiple categories?

payment on the site is also needed (mollie/ ideal).

your help is highly appreciated, I hope bookly can support us in our quest to optimise our booking process.

thanks in advance


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