How to transfer Bookly data to another website?


Please note that you should install and activate the same Bookly and add-ons versions on both websites.


Please note that the Bookly data on the destination site will be overwritten with the data of the source website.


Bookly purchase codes won’t be imported into your destination website. You should manually detach them from the old domain name on the source website and enter them on the destination website.

First, open the Bookly debug page on the source website. The debug page is hidden; to open it, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Bookly > Diagnostic menu in the Bookly backend panel
  • In the the browser URL field, add '&debug' string at the end of the URL address, and press enter

Open the 'Data management' section and click the Export data button. The file with the Bookly data will be downloaded on your computer.


Open the Bookly debug page on the destination website. Next, click the Import data button to load the Bookly data file on the destination website.

Do not worry if you see the 'Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page' message after the data import operation. It is correct behavior. Bookly can block the backend panel because purchase codes aren’t entered.

Detach the Bookly purchase codes from your old domain name on the source website (Bookly > Settings > Purchase Code).


Finally, open the WordPress admin panel on the destination website, go to the Bookly menu and enter the Bookly purchase codes.

Check your data on the new website.

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