I’ve installed Bookly. How do I get it running?

Getting Bookly up and running involves several key steps. Here’s a simplified guide to help you set it up.

1. Configure General Settings in Bookly

Company Details: Set up your company’s name, logo, and contact details.

Business Hours: Define your standard business hours that apply to all staff members by default.

Default appointment status: Set the status for newly booked appointments.

2. Add Staff Members

In the Staff Members section, add details for each staff member, including their name, email, and services they provide. Assign individual working hours and days off for each staff member.

3. Create Services

In the Services section, define the services you offer, including the price, duration, and the staff member(s) who will provide them. Organize services into categories for easier management, if necessary.

4. Customize Appearance

In the Appearance section, customize the look and feel of your booking form to match your brand. Modify the text and colors used in the booking form. Select the steps involved in the booking process.

5. Set Up Payment Options

If you plan to accept online payments, configure your payment settings in Settings > Payments. Bookly supports various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and more. You can also enable payments upon arrival.

6. Publish the Booking Form

Use a shortcode to insert the booking form into any page or post on your WordPress site. Simply edit the page where you want the booking form to appear and paste the shortcode where it should be displayed.

7. Test the Booking Process

It’s a good idea to run through the booking process yourself to ensure everything is set up correctly. Make a test booking, including the selection of a service, staff member, and appointment time, and complete any payment process if set up.

8. Review and Go Live

Review all settings and the appearance of your booking form. Once you're satisfied that everything is set up as desired, your Bookly booking system is ready to go live for your customers to start booking appointments.

Remember, Bookly is highly customizable, so you can go back and adjust settings, services, and staff details according to your business needs.

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