PayPal Checkout Add-on


All add-ons for Bookly require Bookly PRO installed and activated.

Bookly PayPal Checkout (Add-on) provides your customers with a seamless checkout experience. Integrate the world’s most popular payment gateway into your Bookly booking form to start taking online payments on your website today.


1. Purchase, download and install the Bookly PayPal Checkout (Add-on) as a new plugin.

2. Before you integrate the PayPal Checkout option into your booking form, you must sign up or log in to your existing PayPal business account.

3. In Settings > Payments, enable PayPal Checkout under PayPal options.


4. To find your Client ID and Secret, log in to PayPal using your real PayPal business account.

In My Apps & Credentials, click Create App and enter application details.


Once created, copy Client ID and Secret and use them in Bookly settings > Payments > PayPal Checkout.


5. Leave Sandbox mode as 'disabled' if you want to launch PayPal payment method right away; switch to 'enabled' if you want to run test transactions.

At the Payment step in a booking form, your customers will see the option to pay via PayPal.


If selected, a client will be redirected to PayPal site to confirm and complete the order.


Note that PayPal service availability varies by country/region. In some countries, PayPal does not allow paying by card, but only allows payment through PayPal account. For more info, please refer to PayPal documentation or contact PayPal Customer Service.

You can set the order for displaying payment options on the front-end (Payment step in a booking form). In Settings > Payments, drag the sandwich icon to move the payment option up or down the list.


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