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Waiting List Add-on

Cancellations waste time and cost money. Not to mention they just plain waste your time. But with Bookly’s Waiting List add-on, you don’t have to lose a thing.

Add your clients to a waiting list on fully-booked days. Should a cancellation arise, you can replace the cancelled appointment instantly.

Get the Waiting List add-on here.

When a time slot opens, a notification is sent to the service provider with the list of customers in line. When the service provider clicks the relevant link next to client’s name to approve an appointment, the customer’s status will be changed from ‘on waiting list’ to ‘approved’.

So don’t let cancellations ruin your day. Maximize your day’s efficiency with Bookly’s Waiting List add-on.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download, install and activate add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Waiting List and enable the waiting list feature.


3. To add a customer to the waiting list, first, click on the appointment in Bookly Calendar, or click Edit in the Appointments tab. Next, click on New customer and set his/her status to On waiting list.


Customers are able to join the waiting list on front-end when choosing a time slot for their appointment. Busy time slots are shaded in gray and marked with “(N)”, where N is a number of customers on the waiting list.


4. Go to Bookly menu > Email Notifications and/or Bookly menu >SMS Notifications and customize 3 types of templates using the list of provided shortcodes.



Note: if you have both Group booking add-on and Waiting List add-on installed and activated, make sure you’ve enabled group booking in Settings. Otherwise, capacity value won’t be taken into account and clients will be put on the waiting list after the first booking is made.


Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Waiting List add-on works.


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Custom Fields – get all the info you want from customers.

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  • Avatar
    Jamie Smith

    I'm curious to know if when people are making appointments and the date or time is full, they will automatically be added to a waitlist? I don't understand the utility of this plugin if I have to check and manually add a customer to the wait list.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar
    Product Team

    Hi Jamie, the current release doesn't provide this option for the front-end, though soon it will be added - so customers will be able to book a time slot that already full and will be added to a waiting list.

  • Avatar

    From customer's point of view, if there is a rare opportunity of some skilled professional visiting their city, and the customer would be willing to get an appointment on any day during the visit of the professional, does this add-on allow the customer to add to a general waiting list within a set time frame? Or does the customer have to select all suitable timings and individually select each of them to be included on the slot-specific waiting list?

    If the waitinglist is tied to a particular fixed appointment slot, it is not that useful. But if it is tied to particular range of dates, and the customer would queue up for any cancellation withing that range, or at least could multi-select several suitable appointment and queue up for any of them becoming available, then it would be very useful.

    Edited by Ossi
  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Ossi, the add-on works with time slots, once a time slot is occupied, other customers that book this time slot will be added to the appointment with a "waiting" status.

  • Avatar
    Ricardo Buitrago

    Hi, Your waiting list add on is not working properly. With recurrent bookings and multiple attendees bookings like group yoga classes or group meetings, despite the number of available places at the room it automatically sends the persons to the waiting list!!!( even if it is a single person booking. From the second booking in the room on it sends straight to the waiting list. It is not well programmed. It should go to approved booking and when the room capacity is full then activate the waiting list. I have reached your support several times for this basic and nonsense issue with the only response that this is not supported. Please fix this! It is a simple code fix.

  • Avatar
    T Horejsi

    Hi.. I would like to know if somebody cancel the appointment by the cancelling link so a person on waiting list will be approved automatically by the booking system?

    Is there also any possiblilty to set sending the cancellation link to customers on waiting list? Just in case if customer will not want to be on the waiting list anymore.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi, 1) Currently, this functionality is not available, administrators and staff members will need to approve manually the customers that are in the waiting list.

    2) You can add a cancellation link in email notifications, by adding a cancellation code in the template of the notification.

  • Avatar

    Could this waiting list add-on be expanded to accommodate the following scenario:

    Suppose a rare skilled expert is visiting a city. The visit is announced and clients go ahead to book the limited appointments. Soon all appointments are taken.

    The customer would be informed, that all appointments are full, but they can choose to be added to a generic waiting list (not fixed to a particular slot).

    When some of the booked clients makes a cancellation, the system would automatically send an email or SMS notification to specified number of clients on top of the waiting list informing them about the cancellation and the availability of the freed up slot.

    The first client booking the appointment would get it. The remaining ones would stay on the waiting list waiting for future cancellations.

    If they would not get appointment, they would remain on the waitinglist and be informed of future visits of the same professional / service provider and would thus get priority booking appointment when this service is again available at their location.

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Ossi, at the moment the add-on doesn't support this functionality. The waiting list work will with a time slot and once a customer cancels t he appointment the staff member/administrator will need manually to change the status of the customer that's added to the waiting list.

  • Avatar

    Could you please add this my suggestion to your feature requests forum so that it can be voted by users?

  • Avatar
    Support Team
    Edited by Support Team
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