Gift Cards

With the Gifts Cards feature enabled, you can issue vouchers and offer them to your clients as a payment method in the Bookly booking form.


    • Create customer-specific gift cards
    • Generate gift cards for particular services or staff
    • Sell gift cards online
    • Instantly add a series of gift cards
    • Set validity period
    • Send a notification to the client or staff member about the purchased gift card

Each gift card has a certain predefined deposit that your customers can use at the time of booking. If the service price is less than the actual amount of the gift card, the remaining balance can still be used for other bookings.


1. In your Bookly Cloud account > Products, click on the Get started button near the Gift Cards.

2. In Bookly menu, go to Appearance > your booking from type > Payment tab. Enable Show gift cards option and modify the texts if necessary.

Appearance section in Bookly – Show gift cards

Appearance section in Bookly – Show gift cards

3. Open the Gift Cards section in Bookly Cloud.

4. First, create a type of a gift card. Select the Card types tab. Click the Add gift card type button.

Gift Cards section in Bookly

Title – the name of the card type.

Amount – a balance that will be available on the gift card.

Date limit (from and to) – limited period when the gift card can be used.

Services – you can choose for which services the gift card will be available.

Providers – you can choose for which staff members the gift card will be available.

Limit appointments in cart (min and max) – min and max (optional) number of appointments required to apply a gift card. Leave these fields blank to set no restrictions.

Save the changes.

5. Once a gift card type is created, select the Cards tab. Click Add gift card.

Gift Cards section in Bookly

Code – a gift card code that can be used to pay for an appointment. Click Generate to generate a code automatically.

Type – card type that you created at step 4.

Customer – if you select a specific customer here, the gift card will only be available for this customer. If you enable a Send notifications option, a customer will be acknowledged about the voucher they can use for a booking. See below how to set up the relevant notification.

Save the changes.

6. In the Email Notifications and/or SMS Notifications section, set up a Notification about new gift card creation.

Email Notifications section in Bookly

Email Notifications section in Bookly

The codes you can use in your notifications:


7. You can offer gift cards along with the available services and customize the card content if you wish. Navigate to the Appearance section, choose one of the modern booking forms, select Display gift cards option.

Appearance section in Bookly – Display gift cards

Gift card settings

Use gift card for partial payment – if enabled, clients can divide a payment if their gift card balance is not enough to cover the full cost of the appointment. This means that they can use their gift card to pay for a portion of the appointment and use another available payment method to pay the remaining amount.

Default gift card mask – format for your gift cards.

Gift Cards settings

Customers can use a single gift card multiple times if there is enough balance to pay for appointments. The remaining balance of each voucher is viewable in the Gift Cards table > Balance column.

Gift card balance

When reviewing your payment reports, you will see the details about a gift card that has been used at the time of booking.

Payment details in Bookly




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