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Evaluate the level of provided services (Ratings Add-on)

With Bookly Ratings Add-on, your customers can rate the services received from your staff members.

Want to know if your service providers meet clients’ expectations? Gather customer feedback after each appointment, and you’ll always be well aware of how professional your employees do their job.




Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, download and activate Ratings Add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > Ratings and enable the setting Displaying appointments rating in the backend.

3. You’ll need to create a separate page where your customers will be redirected to (WP Dashboard > Pages). Click on Add staff rating form to insert the form on a page.


Check the “Comments” box to let customers write a review.


4. Go to Bookly menu > Settings > URL Settings and set the URL of a page with a rating and comment form.

5. Go to Bookly menu > Email Notifications. Select Follow-up message template and include {staff_rating_url} shortcode into automated email notification so your customers will receive the link with an option to rate the service and leave a comment.

6. An average staff rating is displayed next to the staff member’s name in the Staff member section.

An average service rating is displayed on a Staff member card > Services tab.

Appointment rating is displayed in Appointments list > Rating column. If the customer has left a comment, you will be able to click the rating to view the description.

7. If you want to display staff member’s rating in your booking form, go to Bookly menu > Appearance > 1. Service tab and check the box Show staff member rating before employee name.



Get the Ratings Add-on here.

Try this demo to get a better understanding of how the Ratings add-on works.

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  • Avatar
    Mark Woodruff

    The instructions make sense, but when I follow them and insert [bookly-staff-rating] on a web page, nothing shows up when the page is published. Does this code generate a blank unless there are existing ratings in the system? I thought this code was supposed to generate the functionality to allow users to find and rate the Staff Member?

  • Avatar
    Support Team

    Hi Mark, this page "will work" only if you click on the generated link from the sent email notification by this code: {staff_rating_url}. Otherwise, that page won't display anything.

    Edited by Support Team
  • Avatar
    Carolyn Marquez

    Is there a way to display the Ratings and Comments ?

  • Avatar

    Hi, where are the comments visible?

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