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At the front end, the new "Book More" button will be added to the summary step of the booking process. A click on this button will take the user back to step #1 while retaining info in the cart.

The admin area will treat these appointments separately. However, the Appointments list and Payments list will have a cart icon near each appointment that was booked as part of a cart.

At the moment, Cart cannot be enabled together with the WooCommerce online payment integration.



Bookly Settings > Cart :

  1. Enable cart
  2. Check properties of the appointment that you want shown in the cart summary right before the final confirmation of booking from customer:
    - Service
    - Date
    - Time
    - Employee
    - Price
    (you can change the order they go in, too - by dragging the sandwich icons).
  3. Enable Combined Notifications

Build the notifications at Email Notifications > Combined.



Group Bookings

Chain Appointments Add-on - for separate back-to-back appointments (different services, different providers)

Multiply Appointments Add-on - for separate identical back-to-back appointments (customer sets the number of appointments)

Personalized Active Bookings List Online - help clients manage their multiple appointments to reduce no-show.



Service Extras - add extra treatments or products to bookings of appointments for an additional price.

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