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These are all the codes that you can use to personalize your notifications and the booking form itself.


{appointment_date} - for bookings with multiple appointments, the code will be replaced with the dates for each of the appointments made as part of the booking, divided by a comma (via built-in Cart, or Chain or Multiply Appointments).

{appointment_time} - same as with appointment dates, multiple appointment times will be shown for bundle bookings.



{approve_appointment_url} - an email (not a text message) can contain a link for staff to approve pending appointments online.

{approve_appointment_schedule_url} - URL for approving the whole schedule (to use inside <a> tag). Available with installed Recurring Appointments add-on.

{booking_number} - individual no. of a booking, useful for the client to know should they need to get in touch with you about it. Bundle bookings give one booking number for all appointments.

{cancel_appointment} - a link that lets your clients and staff to cancel an appointment online.

{cancel_appointment_confirm_url} - URL of cancel appointment link with confirmation (to use inside <a> tag).

{cancel_appointment_url} - URL of cancel appointment link (to use inside <a> tag).

{cancellation_reason} - reason you mentioned while deleting appointment.

{cart_info} or {cart_info_c} - available for combined notifications with built-in Cart feature enabled in Bookly Settings > Cart. The simpler {cart_info} just includes the booking summary table into the email, while the {cart_info_c} does the same while also adding an appointment cancellation link next to each appointment.


{custom_fields} & {custom_fields_2c} - info that the client answered custom questions with.

{extras} - the titles of extras purchased with the appointment(s). Available with installed Service Extras add-on.

{extras_total_price} - available with installed Service Extras add-on.

{google_calendar_url} - this adds the appointment to the user’s Google Calendar.

{location_info} - available with installed Locations add-on.

{location_name} - available with installed Locations add-on.



{package_name} - service package name. Available with installed Packages Add-on.

{package_size} -  number of services in package. Available with installed Packages Add-on.

{package_price} - service package price.  Available with installed Packages Add-on.

{reject_appointment_url} - URL of reject appointment link (to use inside <a> tag).

{service_duration} - duration of service.




{site_address} - available with installed Locations add-on.

{tomorrow_date} - date of next day




{client_name} - full name will be used here.

{client_first_name} - first name of client.

{client_last_name} - last name of client.



{login_form} - can be added to the booking form and booking list online to let the user log in with their WordPress credentials and have the personal info automatically filled in with their info.






{company_phone} - main phone number that you’ve included in General > Company info.





{staff_info} - the description-like field that you might have used to give additional info on each team member in Staff Members.




{next_day_agenda} - staff agenda for next day

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  • Avatar
    Denver Prophit Jr

    Do I just put the curly bracket on a page or do I have to use wp do_shortcode()?

  • Avatar

    It's enough just to add the code with curly brackets, there's no need to use do_shortcode(). Please take into account that these codes are not global, usually, you can see the in explanation of a setting or an option which codes are available for use.

  • Avatar
    Bruno Silva


    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but is there any shortcode we can use to create a landing page for a client after he cancels an appointment?

    Because in my website, he just lands in the initial page (there's no mention to the cancellation being correctly accepted by the system - which does happen).

    Thanks in advance

  • Avatar

    Hi Bruno, you need this setting: Set the URL of a page that is shown to clients after they successfully cancelled their appointment.

  • Avatar
    Bruno Silva

    Thank you so much Denis, exactly what i was looking for!

  • Avatar

    During the appointment process, on the screen where personal information is filled in, there is a box called Notes (I think, in Dutch it is: Notities). Where does this information go? I would expect a shortcode like {appointment_note} or something like that.

    Never mind, I found it: {custom_fields}

    Edited by Martin
  • Avatar
    Jared Maki

    I was wondering if there is a way to include the shortcode {service_info} in the service tab such that when a service is selected the description of the service is displayed

    Thank you

  • Avatar

    Hi Jared, you can use the {service_info} code, but not for the first step of the booking form, you can add it for later steps.

  • Avatar

    Is there a way to show the calendar on the website to show available times?

  • Avatar

    Hi, the back-end calendar can't be displayed on the front-end, at the moment.

  • Avatar

    not looking for the backend calendar just to show a calendar that shows available times on the frontend of the website.

  • Avatar

    Currently, customers can be see the availability of service and staff members, only when they book an appointment in the booking form. There isn't a separate calendar that just displays the availability.

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